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Yin Yoga for Stress Relief


A 40min yin yoga practice for stress relief. This is a beginner friendly practice that you can do anytime, in your own living room or wherever you want. Follow-along session with gentle, calming background music.

Get yours and try it out already today!

How it works?

Once purchased, you will receive a download link to your email. The product is an mp4 download. You will get a lifetime access to the product.

Get ready to make your living room your very own yoga studio and get your 40min yin yoga practice for stress relief. It is the one to choose when you don’t have prior experience on yin yoga but want to stop for a while after a bust day. Now is your time to step towards a less stressed lifestyle.

This is a beginner friendly practice. All you need to do is press play, follow along and remember to listen to your body.

What’s included?

  • breatwork to calm your nervous system
  • hip openings & side bends

Get this practice and do it whenever you feel like it. Once purchased, the download will be forever yours, and you can keep coming back to it whenever you want!


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