Who is Mari?

I am more than happy you have found your way here. I am a Finnish girl Mari living in the beautiful city of Espoo, Finland. In 2021 I graduated as a master of economics in international business, and have been working in supply chain management in multinational companies for the past four years.

In 2021, I struggled a lot with what I want to do with my life. I started to question my choices and didn’t find my work meaningful anymore. Also, big things happened in my personal life during that year, which led me to decide that I really need some change in my life. First thing was to go and change the environment for a while. I moved to Portugal for the three first months of 2022 and worked remotely from there. During my stay in Portugal, the reality hit and I finally knew I need to find another job as soon as possible. Fortunately, by summer 2022 I had found a better job. A new job and new home already made me feel a lot better. However, this isn’t where the story ends.

This year I have given full attention to my well-being. I’ve started yoga and pilates. I have made sure I won’t work overtime, and I have taken time from my calendar for simply being with myself. Most importantly, mindfulness has found its way into my life. It happened partly by accident via reading a book about how our brain works and about neuroplasticity. This led me to sign up to a 8-week mindfulness based stress reduction course, where my mindfulness journey started.

Little did I know before starting my 8-week mindfulness course. Those weeks changed everything for me. I learnt more about myself than ever before, and I have found true clarity. I know better than ever who I really am as a person and what is my direction in life.

Not to mention that yin yoga has also become a big part of my daily life along with meditation. Yin yoga, together with meditation has helped me to connect with my inner self and with the present moment.

I am happy to tell that I will educate myself to become a yin yoga and meditation coach by summer 2023. Stay tuned for all the exciting things that will happen next year in Mindful with Mari!

What is Mindful with Mari?

This blog started with the intention to write travel posts related to my trip to Portugal beginning of 2022 where I spent three months. I really enjoyed writing about my travels. However after returning to Finland and discovering mindfulness, I knew I had found my thing. That is why I decided that I want to share my mindfulness journey and take you along with discovering mindfulness via blog posts and online courses.

Mindful with Mari consists of mindfulness, meditation, stress reduction, mindful yoga and yin yoga. My mission is to make mindfulness accessible for everyone who is interested in improving wellbeing, reducing stress and learning the basics of mindfulness, meditation and yin yoga.

I warmly welcome you to follow Mindful with Mari and learn more about mindfulness!



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