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Are you ready to go from Burnout to Balance?

Welcome to Mindful with Mari. I am Mari Hirvi, a mindfulness and burnout coach. I take young professionals from burnt out to purposeful with my “Burnout to Balance Method” so that they can build a life that won’t make them burnt out again.


I will help you get clarity on where to focus to overcome burnout by learning how to effectively release stress and start building healthy and sustainable routines into your everyday life. My premium program focuses on 1:1 coaching around stress relief techniques such as yin yoga and mindfulness, as well as mindset work that will help you understand your current situation and your desired goals on a much deeper level than before. 

Together, we will go from feeling that nothing really changes no matter what you try to overcome your exhaustion and constant feelings of stress, feeling stuck with where you are and not knowing how to move forward, to feeling empowerment, clarity and confidence to go for a life that is fully aligned with your values, priorities and desires and to do it all without getting burnt out again.


The bottom line is that I work with people that are drawn to my message, ready to commit 110%, invest in their own wellbeing and who I believe I can help. I find that my ideal clients would have the following qualities:

  • A driven young professional at the early phase of their corporate career struggling with burnout
  • A young professional having experienced burnout before and found some short-term solutions, however has ended up having similar symptoms of overwhelm and burnout all over again. 
  • Ready and resourceful to get help and do some deep self-reflection and inner work to avoid being burnt out again
  • Committed to take time and do the work that enables real transformation


Raising your awareness on what has brought you to the point of being burnt out and having full clarity on where you want to be instead. 

  1. Learning and implementing stress relief tools and techniques that work for YOU, despite how busy your days are. 
  2. Being able to deal with triggers and difficult thoughts and emotions that come with it.
  3. Being able to acknowledge and let go of behavioral patterns that do not serve your wellbeing, and build empowering ones instead.
  4. Build a clear action plan on how to move forward with your life and build routines based on your core values and priorities, keeping your personal goals in mind.


My 12-week Burnout to Balance 1:1 premium program takes a five-pronged approach to go from burnout to balance: You & Your Goals, Stress Relief Formula, Mindful Living, Mindset Mastery and Routine Reformulation. 

I use my unique Burnout to Balance Method to identify the underlying causes of your burnout and introduce some effective strategies to manage and overcome it, making sure you won’t end up burnt out again. You will unlock your potential to move past constant feelings of stress and overwhelm and learn how to connect on a deeper level with the person you truly are behind all your responsibilities. 

After this program you’ll have the confidence and clarity to move forward with your daily life with a clear action plan towards your value-aligned life. You won’t be left alone!

If this resonates with you, book your 30min free call below (no obligation to anything more) to discuss your situation and see whether we would be a good match to work together!


My passion is to empower young professionals to start prioritizing themselves and move past overwhelm, limiting beliefs and blocks that prevent them from moving forward. With my work I want to raise awareness on burnout and provide support to take actual steps towards a less stressed lifestyle, despite a demanding job or busy schedule. 

I’ve personally witnessed that burnout isn’t just about how busy we are – there are much deeper reasons behind, which are not getting enough attention in this fast paced lifestyle. I want to raise awareness on those underlying causes of burnout and support young professionals on their journey towards a thriving yet sustainable lifestyle instead of ending up taking sick leaves after another.


In 2021 at the age of 26, I experienced a heavy burnout. I had just graduated as a master of international business and was just at the beginning of my corporate career. Right after my graduation, I asked myself “and now what?”. Deep down I realized that the pace of “adult life” was just unbearable. So I was young but totally overwhelmed with all the overworking, pushing to my limits and responding to all the expectations coming from multiple directions. Adding my tendency for people-pleasing and perfectionism, the burnout was unavoidable. What was wrong with me, I thought. How couldn’t I just keep going, keep surviving like everyone else did? It took me some time to accept the fact that the life I thought I wanted really just made me sick

This all made me question my values and priorities, my whole life till that date. Slowly, a deep healing journey slowly started and ended up transforming my whole life. But it didn’t happen easily or overnight. 

After having tried multiple things to overcome burnout by myself without any results, I seeked help and got into mindfulness. Mindfulness was the turning point for me. I started to learn effective tools that actually worked and got me to a better place mentally than ever before. Another turning point on top of mindfulness was yoga, more specifically yin yoga (a slow paced, more meditative kind of a yoga form). This helped me connect to the mind-body relationship for the first time in my life.

This transformational journey made me want to learn more about all this. Therefore, I ended up completing my meditation, self-awareness and yin yoga instructor studies in beginning of 2023. Now I help young professionals overcome burnout for good with my unique “Burnout to Balance Method”, so that they can start taking responsibility over their lives and build sustainable routines that support their core values, priorities and goals. 

I’m on a mission to help young professionals live the life they deserve instead of only dreaming about it.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal growth with concrete tools on how to overcome burnout for good? I’m here to support you every step of the way!


  • Mari Hirvi from Finland
  • Founder of Mindful with Mari (3375397-3)
  • 2023: Yin yoga teacher (Hali Formation Oy: Yoga Yinful®)
  • 2023: Meditation teacher (Hali Formation Oy: HLF Meditaatio- ja itsetuntemusohjaaja®)
  • 2022: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8-week program (Center for Mindfulness)
  • 2021: Master’s Degree in International Business (University of Vaasa & Kedge Business School)