The present moment is all we have. Let’s make the most out of it – mindfully!

I warmly welcome you to Mindful with Mari. We teach mindfulness, meditation and yin yoga to help you raise your awareness, reduce stress and help getting started with your journey towards a more stress-free, mindful living.

We teach fully online, and our first online course will be available later in 2023. Until then, we provide you a lot of free content both on this site as well as on instagram @mindfulwithmari. Follow us to get updates!

Once you slow down and start paying more attention to the present moment, a whole new world opens up to you.

Are you stressed out, performing life without having the time to relax and recover? Are you stuck and cannot find your every day life meaningful enough? Would you like to make a change, but cannot find the courage to take action just yet? Do you feel like there is just something missing from your life, but cannot identify what it actually is?

Maybe you want to improve the way you deal with difficult emotions, reduce stress or recover better after long, stressful days? Or, maybe you want to build a less stressful lifestyle from which you don’t need to escape from? Maybe you want to raise your awareness, build a better relationship with yourself and live more in the present moment?

Don’t worry, you found the right place.We are here to help you reduce stress and raise awareness in your daily life, even during those busy days. We guide you to find a deeper connection with who you truly are and finding the beauty of life from the present moment with the help of mindfulness, meditation and yin yoga.

Our upcoming courses are beginner friendly, so you don’t need to have any prior experience on mindfulness, meditation or yin yoga.

If you want to ask anything, contact us anytime by clicking the link below. You can also reach us via instagram DM or send an email to

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We don't spam. Check out our privacy policy.